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Research & innovation

Aquatera Atlántico participates in research, development and innovation (R&D) initiatives, through several European research projects. ean research projects. In this area, the company collaborates with governments, academic institutions, and organizations in the blue economy sectors and the community, in order to share, disseminate and apply research related to the marine environment. Aquatera Atlántico uses software and hardware developed by the Aquatera Group to provide new and better ways to present complex technical information to the public, governments and regulatory bodies. As well as novel methods for monitoring, characterizing and measuring environmental parameters and conditions; and new engineering designs applied to the renewable energy sector. In this way, Aquatera Atlántico offers:

Models and descriptive tools

New models and descriptive tools for characterising the environment and interactions with the environment.

Engineering designs

New engineering designs that better exploit the interactions that occur with the environment.

Analysis techniques

Development of social impact analysis techniques in the development and implementation of emerging sectors in society

The company works according to the ABCG (Academic, Business, Community and Government) partnership model and is committed to the collaboration of these 4 components as essential elements for the effective development of emerging industries and the development of sustainable and renewable energy solutions. The areas in which we develop R&D activities are mainly in the blue energy, climate change and hydrogen sectors.

Projects related to I+D+i


9 de April de 2024


18 de January de 2024


24 de November de 2023

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