Provides nature-based design innovations for subsea components of offshore wind installations

The INF4INITY (INtegrated designs for Future Floating oFFshore wINd farm TechnologY) project will develop critical technologies for the offshore wind farm of the future which enable balancing human needs (clean energy) with nature’s and society’s demands (decreased negative environmental and social impact). In particular, INF4INiTY will provide two major technology innovations: an innovative nature inclusive design for gravity anchors and their associated scour protection system and an innovative primary artificial reef structure combined with the floating structure of a floating offshore wind turbine. Aquatera Atlántico will provide the environmental, social, and cost analysis together with the coordination of the dissemination, communication and exploitation activities.

Programme and call HORIZON-CL5-2023-D3-01, (Sustainable, Secure and Competitive nergy supply), Topic: HORIZON-CL5-2023-D3-01-05, Type of action: HORIZON-RIA, Proposal Number: 101136087. Proposal Acronym: INF4INiTY
Date January 2024 – December 2027